About — 

SOMEKIND is an independent design studio focused on branding, strategy, and creative communication. We love working together with thoughtful lifestyle, design, and fashion brands in transforming their unique visions into memorable experiences.

(Studio Address)

Handelskaai 48

1000 Brussels

(Post Address)

Maarschalk Joffrelaan 66 bus 1 
1190 Vorst


Contact us

aimee@somekind.studio / +32 470 231 933
kristel@somekind.studio / +32 486 945 527



We think along as a strategic and creative partner at every step of the process, helping brands be consistent in every touchpoint of their customers’ journey.

Our philosophy —

We promote originality.

We don’t shy away from color.

We find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

We are conscious about our environment.

We embrace structure.

We believe good work takes time.

We love to work with nice people.

We enjoy life and love to live it.

Stories we’re part of —

ACE B-architecten  Bobbie — Buddy Buddy Ellen Claes — Frank & Francine — Het Ensemble — Jacqueline & Compote — Juicy Lucy — Lena Architecten — Méra — Non Ordinary Jewelry — Olivea — OSAR Architecten Rheine — Sofie Darche — Supermarket — Tasmin Love — Thelma — Ultime

Meet our two woman team —

Kristel Posen is an architect in training, but a graphic designer and visual storyteller at heart. Searching for the beauty in everything, she is passionate about translating a brand’s story into a unique visual language that stands out. Expect nothing less but thoughtful details, bold colors, and beautiful typography.


Aimee Lara is a creative brand strategist with a hands-on approach. She has a knack for asking the right questions to help you shape an inspiring brand story and compelling brand strategy. Next to crafting brand strategies, she loves the nitty gritty of building campaigns and creating meaningful content across various channels.